Excerpt from a Silver player

The pains of silver.


Silver can be an overwhelming division to be in. As a newer player and one that has not risen past silver, I can definitely say that my most immediate goal in League of Legends is to escape silver. Like a lot of other players, I am paired up with teams that seem to have no common sense or game awareness. The toughest part of queuing up is knowing that there is a good chance someone on either team will ruin the game for most of the players.

The most common frustration I have is when players on my team decide to try something completely new during ranked. Yes, fun strategies can work, but often it’s just a summoner who is in a bad mood and wants to ruin the fun for others. The idea of grinding out of silver is not only daunting because of the players who don’t take it seriously, but also the players I get paired with that take it TOO seriously. It seems like every series I’m in, a laner blames the jungler (because they can’t put any blame on themselves) and the jungler rage quits after not being able to handle criticism. Suddenly, being a good player doesn’t matter because you are in silver and other factors (outside decision making, objectives, and mechanics) make you helpless to control the outcome of the game. One second, I feel like a game is going great and the net second I am reminded of the terror that is silver. Everyone gets caught up in the frenzy of emotion and forgets what it means to be playing a game and trying to prove that you deserve to move up to a new division.

My least favorite part of silver league definitely has to be the fact that I feel like I waste so much time when in silver. I win my lane, I stay cool headed, and I see improvements in my gameplay. Somehow though, I win 2 games then lose 3 games in a row. Slowly — over the course of this season — I’ve climbed to high silver but it’s taken so much time. It feels like it took me months to get from silver 5 to silver 4. In the end, I have really good games and some bad ones too. I rise and fall through silver with a steady upward movement but I know the slow climb doesn’t reflect my actual skill level.

League of Legends is a hard game, but being in silver makes it even harder to have an enjoyable and competitive game. I feel like players feel helpless in a league filled with trolls and bullies that keep good players from getting where they deserve. Ultimately, lots of silver players deserve to rise above the rest, but the nature of silver division bogs down players with a heavy and toxic atmosphere – and I can’t stand it.

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