What is elo boosting?

Elo Boosting has been a rampant part of all the games which have a ranking system. ELO is basically a rating that is assigned to your game account and by playing ranked games you can either raise the rating, or lower it. Many players play for hours on end in hopes attaining a respectable rating, yet they are met with frustration when they are placed with teammates that they believe are not at their level. When a player boosts, it is generally a high ranked player that logs on a lower rating account and plays ranked games in exchange for compensation. These boosters spend hundreds of hours playing games on clients’ accounts. Elo boosting is against the rules of nearly every MOBA due to the fact that another party is accessing someone else’s account. Since the game companies have to deal with recover tickets, they decide that in order to maintain the security of each game account they would not allow players to share accounts. Also, since the companies ban any account found to be partaking in elo boosting, that becomes another risk of purchasing an elo boost.

In all elo boosting is something that is unpreventable. It is just human nature to take a route that is easier. By paying a high rating player to play on their accounts, these players can receive the recognition of having a high ranking along with the opportunity to play with other high rating players their lust of achievement in video games can be satisfied. One game where this is common place is League of Legends. Throughout the past four seasons, a magnitude of high rating players have been caught and punished for MMR boosting. MMR is what ELO has been replace by in League of Legends. Due to ranked anxiety, Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends replaced a quantitative number for each players ranking and replaced it with a facade that begins with Bronze and ends in Challenger. They hoped that this change would allow players to be rid of the anxiety of playing ranked and overall increase the time people spend on their game. In League of Legends, the MMR boosters charge prospective clients a set amount for either divisions or net wins. Each divisions gets progressively more expensive as they reach the latter ends of the ladder. Net wins are in place for mostly past clients that have fallen from the MMR that their division reflects. Net wins equate to boosters promising to win a set amount of games with losses counting as a negative win.

Next time I will be explaining how you can purchase a safe boosting and coaching session!


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