How to rank up in League of Legends

League of Legends is a very competitive game with millions of gamers around the globe. Due to the competitive nature of the game, every player wants to become the best player in the world. This is caused by the huge amount of prizes and salaries for players that reach the top of the ladder. Income producing opportunities include: coaching, sponsorship’s, stream revenue, and even Riot sponsored LCS salaries result in many players wanting to become the next League of Legends star. But unfortunately many people that want to become great players do not achieve their goals immediately. But with the right coaching and advice, any player can become the next Doublelift. For example: Quas, the current top laner for Team Curse starting out at 1500 elo and did not play ranked. By watching the streams of professional players, he learned the ropes of high elo players. By practicing in solo queue for hours and hours, he was able to apply the knowledge he gained by viewing the streams and soon he was challenger. His efforts caught the attention of numerous professional players and he was eventually asked to join team Curse.

This type of rags to riches story inspires millions of gamers around the world. Every player hopes to become the next LCS player. Now I will tell you a few tips that will help you in your journey to high diamond ELO. I am a Diamond 1 marksman main and my advice to lower elo players is that you should never hesitate. As Akali says, “Hesitation is the seed to defeat.” I have played in every rating ranging from bronze in season 1 to challenger in season 4. I notice that in the lower rating matches, people hesitate to press their leads, which allows enemies to recover from early game setbacks and win games based on team composition alone. This brings me to my next point. Although in lower rating games, team composition is not as important as it is in higher rating, it can still be a major determining factor for players wishing to increase their rankings. Players that believe they can carry games should pick champions that scale into the late game. Why you may ask? This allows you to not only win your lane, but have the presence needed to lead a team to victory. An example of this type of champion would be Jax. You farm your lane for 20 minutes, killing your lane opponent a few times, and perhaps drawing pressure from the enemy jungler. This takes pressure away from your other lanes and even if you happen to trade one kill for one, you will still scale into the late game better than your opponents.

In my next post I will go over some mechanical issues that you might find useful. If you want personalized elo boosting  you can find me at my website. Thank you for reading and I hope to provide you with more quality content in the future! If you have any questions you may use the form found below.


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